What is the correct path syntax in Registry Editor to map to a shared folder on another computer?

We are having trouble getting one of our computers to open the database on another computer. The piece of software being used is one probably noone knows (Parcels R Us Despatch System 4.0) although the task is quite simple - we just need to modify a registry key with the correct path to the shared folder on another computer.

The computer in question is called AlexWeb, the IP address of AlexWeb is and the path on AlexWeb for the database file in shared folder is C:\Program Files\Parcels R Us\Client\database\gfs.fdb
The domain is called ashleigh, so the computer name on the domain is Alexweb.ashleigh.local

What is the correct syntaxt to enter, and do we need to use the square brackets to contain the computer name/IP address?

Thanks for any help
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Well, if you have shared the folder under some specific name it woule be like:
If not, use hidden disk share:
"\\alexweb\c$\Program Files\Parcel R Us\Client\database"

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redredandrewAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.

Just trying it but the software still does not connect to the database.

A really dumb question perhaps - do we include the speech marks "" you have used in the above examples?
It's depending of how the software is using the registry keys.
The registry is only a place to store something.
Quotes"" are normally used if there are spaces in a path e.g. "C:\Program Files"
Have you tried adding also ODBC Source? Maybe a file also to the registry path? Try both.
redredandrewAuthor Commented:
We managed to get the 2nd computer to connect to the db (well, at least we had a login prompt come up), however we couldn't actually open the database or logon to it (entered details and then nothing happens and we have to use Task Manager to kill it)

The syntax we used in the registry key was:\Program Files\Parcels R Us\Client\database\gfs.fdb

Trying anything else, including the suggestions above, just came up with database cannot be found.

Thanks for the suggestion re-ODBC Source - we will have a look at this.
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