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We have had this setup for over a year now & things went a little hay-wire yesterday after a reboot. WIndows 2003 Std. Ed. Server, also running MS Exchange 2003, & BlackBerry Pro Server running on it as well. This is the only server for this small Org. We swapped out the old switch for a new one in the evening, during that process the server did get rebooted by preforming a restart. I thought everything was fine until the next day when I recieved calls of no-one being able to access anything on the server or the Internet. After blaming this on the new switch, I finally came to the conculsion that the switch was working perfectly but the issue was with the server itself... I could not ping anything on the LAN, I could ping the two Internal IP's of the server though. I rebooted the server & was able to ping the server from another PC, until the server was fully up & running. It seemed that once all the services were started my pings started to time-out from my client PC. There was no firewall SW running on the server so I disabled the RRAS and like magic I could once again ping my server & the server was working perfectly. I re-setup RRAS but as soon as that service started it once again made the server un-reachable. I really need to get the RRAS backup & running so people can connect to the MS VPN once again. Any help in solving this is much appreciated. Oh yea, there was really nothing tell-tale in the event viewer to indicate a problem with RRAS.
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Ilya RubinshteynCommented:
Is this a small business server or server 2003 standard? How many NICs are in the server? have there been any patches? have you tried reinstalling RRAS?

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If you haven't already, I would disable/uninstall RRAS, shut down the server, install a 2nd NIC, turn server back on, Verify that server and clients have connectivity to both network and internet, re-start RRAS and host it on the 2nd NIC.

Also, as irnmamont mentioned, have you installed any updates/patches from Windows Update?

Check your event viewer for any and all Warnings or Errors and post if you see any.
ZappaMangAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments... I figured the issue out yesterday.. There are two NIC's in the server... The silver bullet makes no sense to me, but this is what fixed it... I disabled RRAS... I enabled the Windows Firewall / ICS ... I verified that the firewall was indeed off... I then stopped & disabled the Windows Fireall / ICS service & re-setup my RRAS. I also took off a little check that was set to "use Filters to only allow VPN clients to connect to this interface", that was in the setup of RRAS... ONce I did that BAM!!!! All was well. Not sure what caused the initial issue, but I have stopped trying to question the unexplainable when it comes to MS products. Again thanks for the responces.
ZappaMangAuthor Commented:
I'm awarding the points for effort. Thanks guys.
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Windows Server 2003

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