DHCP Relay

My question is similiar to the one posted here but the poster did not respond to the suggestions so Im not sure which are correct:


to qualify the question a bit more:

I have:

 Cisco  2960G switch

And a  Procurve switch wih the following modules:

Card A: HP J4863A 100/1000Base-TX module
Card B HP J4862A 10/100-TX module
Card C HP J4863A 100/1000Base-TX module
Card D HP J4908A 10/100/1000-TX + Mini-GBIC

basically we have been recommended to spliting Data and VoIP networks separate, so for example having data on 192.168.1.x and VoIP on 192.168.2.x

Now I know that both the Cisco and Procurve  do "Ip helper " & "DHCP-relay" but they are both Layer 2 switches (please confirm with the procurve 4104Gl is in fact Layer 2 s Im not sure if the modules add Layer 3 Functionality)

In the link I posted above it seems that there has to be some Layer 3 Functionality for DHCP-Relay to work.  I thought that they just passed on the Frames to the required devices.

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DHCP Relay should work on your procurve. Yo can check for some information on HP Website:

DHCP relay works on Cisco 2900 too.
Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

DHCP relay isn't working on 2960, and ALL L2 devices, it is L3 Feature!

On HP 4104 you need to enable routing, and you need this:

ip routing
vlan 6
   name "DOLGOZOI"
   ip address
   ip helper-address

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Thirst4KnowledgeAuthor Commented:
I should have mentioned that my Procurve is a 4104 Model
So why did the point in the link I posted get rewarded to an incorrect answer (if your answer is correct)
This is one of the major bummers of this site tbh
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Thirst4KnowledgeAuthor Commented:
an updated image with SDSL VPN backup
I was thinking of just putting a metric ont the VPN interface that is higher then the point to point interface so should one go down it will fall over to the other one... like 2 default flaoting static routes

Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

The floating static route is good, but I advise object  tracking, it is better:


And use HSRP with booth routers, and EIGRP!
Thirst4KnowledgeAuthor Commented:

Oh dear sorry Ikalmar,
I posted that in the wrong question it was supposed to be for here :
Thirst4KnowledgeAuthor Commented:

Precise and to the point
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