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We have 20 citrix servers and one published desktop and all our users login to published desktop in order to work, however they can see lots of printers when working inside citrix. Some of those printer names ends with some session number e.g. "in session 17"  and they can also print to these printers as well. Is there any way they can't see others sessions printer and can't print to them either.

Also they can see some of the "Auto created printers" but they can't print to these printers which is fine but why they see them as well.
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the issue is very simple,

you shoudl create groups in your active direcoty, and put the users in that groups
then you go to printers -> right click -> proertey-> security
and add that groups you want them to print on this printer and assign the full right for them
and that is

in my scenario i have 400 emplyees
iput them into 28 groups
and i have 250 printers
i assged the groups in each printers
so there are printers are used by 2 groups,
and some printers by 4 groups
and that is

in this case, every group will see only his printers and no body can print in other printers

hope i silved your problem

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The groups are a great idea but might not be the answer to his question.  For shared network printing only turning off printer autocreate in citrix and setting up the groups like thabash discussed is the way to go.  But if you have users who insist on having a local printer..... then what I have done is setup autocreate printers to only create the default printer.  And setup a policy in citrix to only autocreate those default printers for those who need it.  About 90% of my users use the network printer, no local they get the default printer policies.  The other 10% also have a local printer.  The get the special citrix policies. This might not eliminate all the autocreated printers but will lessen their numbers.

I have also tried on a smaller scale is to share out those local printers thus making them network printers and then setup in citrix with all the security and policies.   Not my preferred method but would remove all autocreated printers.
only with groups, he will have security that no users see others printers
I agree.  First he needs to limit the number of auto created printers.  Create static printers on this citrix boxes then setup security and groups on those printers to limit even more.  Groups and security alone I believe will not limit the number of auto created printers being seen.  Auto created printers are created when a user logs in to citrix.  Citrix looks at your current non citrix workstation and then recreate / autocreate those within citrix.  This can be a real mess if a user has 10 printers setup..  If 10 users have 10 printers setup then 100 autocreated printers on your citrix box.  He has 20 citrix servers, my guess about 400+ users.  That can be a lot of auto created printers.  That is a lot of extra overhead.
If I'm not mistaken, he can disable auto-creation of printers. This should point you in the right directions.
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