Symantec Endpoint blocking ALL Internet Traffic on Windows 7

I have a few new laptops running Windows 7 that need to use the Unmanaged Symantec Endpoint Client.  However, on reboot, all of them experience the same symptom--they are blocked from all internet traffic unless I disable the Network Threat Protection.  I'm sure there's a setting I can change, but I don't know what it is.  Help please!
Lisa JacksonCAOAsked:
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Is the log reporting anyting?
Lisa JacksonCAOAuthor Commented:
Log just says that everything is blocked based on rules.  The rules enabled are the default rules, which say "Block IPv6" and "Block IPv6overIPv4".  There is an entry for Allow All IP Protocol types, but that one is not checked.  I didn't want to disable the two blocks or enable the Allow All because I was unsure what the reprecussions of that might be.
>>>> I didn't want to disable the two blocks or enable the Allow All

You should disable them just to see whether that solves your problem. I think it will solve the blocking issue but doubt that the IPv6 requests can be processed by your router.

Check the settings of the network adapter. I assume you have (only) IPv6 service enabled and that's why you were blocked. Check the IPv4 as well (all properties set to automatic) cause I assume that your router also works on IPv4 (IPv6 surely is overkill for a LAN which needs a handful IP numbers).

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Lisa JacksonCAOAuthor Commented:
Disabling the two blocks had no effect, but enabling the "Allow All" fixed the problem.  Is there any kind of security risk though with that enabled?
>>>> Is there any kind of security risk though with that enabled?

Only if you have malware on your system. Then they could go out with no restrictions.

I wonder why Symantec should block normal internet browsing. You could try to add a rule which allows outgoing and incoming messages on port 80 (WEB) but actually I think there is another issue why it doesn't work. I run Norton Internet Suite on W7 and I had to define rules for my (second) LAN but not for the internet.

Did you check your network settings? What services did you have enabled?
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