Sudden growth of Public Folder DB

Recently we saw that our Public Folder DB grew very fast , it was infact 100 GB in 3 days.
So I tried this. I pulled up the list of all the Public Folders on this server and calculated the space occupied . It is coming upto 447 GB where as the actual .edb file size is 600 GB.

So that means there is a difference > 100 GB.

When it grew i could messages of incoming and outgoing replication going on in the event viewer.

Can anyone suggest what could have happened or caused this kind of growth?

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Gene_CypConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the type of logging you have set up for your DB
mdimthyasAuthor Commented:
Checked and we dont have any logging.  Moreover the growth took place only for a week and its normal now.

Any suggestions what could have happened.
Check the error log, also do you have a scheduled replication? (ie the Database gets replicated into a backup)
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mdimthyasAuthor Commented:
I did not find a correct solution, but assuming that this happened.

Check this article:

It says:
The Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 may experience abnormal log or database growth when many log entries or messages are logged in a short time.

Because after that I did not notice any other growth in the DB size. And when this happened, I was trying to remove replicas and putting on this server.

And we have a tool called Orion using which I analysed the growth of DB from some dates and saw that it happened during the time where in I was working on replicating public folders.

So Imthyas are you suggesting that my comment about replication didn';t help you spot the problem / cause of the log implosion, even though you mentioned replication twice in your post and logging of such actions on behalf of the DB?
I raised the issue of "replication" and the DB "logging" thus elading to DB size explosion, and even though you never provided feedback to that, you come now and say it was a replicating issue that was affecting the DB Logs.
Is the fact that it wasn't a DB backup per se, crediting the answer as wrong? DB Backup was a replication example.
mdimthyasAuthor Commented:
These were the comments by you:

Gene_Cyp:Check the type of logging you have set up for your DB

Gene_Cyp:Check the error log, also do you have a scheduled replication? (ie the Database gets replicated into a backup)

You mentioned about the Scheduled replication but we have Normal replication scheduled on all the servers and it was never a problem , untill this one. So it was not because of Schedule replication.

As I said I am not 100% sure what caused it, but the only thing different that I was doing during that time was that I was adding replicas on to this server from a Exch 2k3 server.

Sorry I did not get a clue from a comment that this could be a cause.

I only checked this after checking the Monitoring tool Orion which showed DB Growth Analysis.

And more over I could not catch this right away as the DB was growing, it was growing for more than a week but we only noticed when we got a Disk Space Alert for the Drive.

After doing analysis and thinking, adding replica was the only thing that we did during that time.

I'm glad you solved your problem, but at least now you can have it in mind, at the first sign of DB log implosion always check your replication.
mdimthyasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help
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