On Exchange 2007: How to browse to OWA addresses internally (while logged in) w/out having to enter credentials

So i'm logged on to my computer/domain as 'chuck@norris.com' - i am already authenticated to AD.
In my IE browser i browse to https://mail.norris.com/public/Email Shared Company 2009/Hi Russ.EML.
Yes, it is HTTPS.  Yes, I am browsing to a public folder on my exchange 2007 server that I have full permission to access as my currently logged on user (chuck@norris.com).  I can access this email in outlook thick client.
However.  I get brought to the Office Outlook Web Access login page.
I don't want to be prompted for authentication --- I'm already authenticated.
Does anyone now how I might circumvent this seemingly-redundant authentication?


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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you will need to enable integrated authentication for this to happen

open EMC -> sever config->select your sever

in virtual directories double click on OWA go to authentication tab and select integrated authentication repeat this for public

you will loose form based authentication however

casco32Author Commented:
Thank you Akhater.
Does this mean that my users trying to access my remote web workplace (where they can take over computers, check email) will no longer work?  My preliminary testing indicates this will prevent them from using it.  See attached screenshot.
casco32Author Commented:
oh nevermind.  i figured 2nd half of question out.  I just allowed both integradted windows authentication and digest authentication.  Problem solved unless you feel there is something i may have done that poses a security or usage risk. thank you.
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