VMWare vCenter Converter Failure

Hi folks. Here is my situation.

Server=HP DL380 G5 running ESXi 4.0
I have an Acronis backup image of the original Windows 2003 Server. It's about 150GB.
This backup is on an external USB drive.
I started a convert yesterday morning and came back in today and it had a failed status after 93%.

It ran for 23 hours

I don't see a "resume" function. Extremely lame. Can anyone assist me in resuming this or is there a faster way to convert from an Acronis tib file on a USB disk acrross 1GB Ethernet connection from a workstation?

I need to get this finished ASAP. Appreciate any assistance.
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coolsport00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately no; you will have to redo the Conversion.

No image conversion utility is going to convert your image any quicker than the appx time you noted above, given the size of your image (150GB). What is the error that displayed during the conversion? What Conversion tool did you use?...Converter Standalone?

zjb100Author Commented:
Yes, converter standalaone. When I came back in the workstation appeared to be powered off. I pressed the power button and (Windows 7) "Resumed Windows". I would imagine that caused the problem but hibernation was turned off and all power settings were set to "no sleepy" on anything. Is there a way to resume the conversion.
zjb100Author Commented:
I wasnt sure if I should award points for this but you were absolutely right and that is exactly what I had to do. Oh well. Thanks for the assist.
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