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I am working on a school project where we are developing a PHP+Joomla site. The site is located on a Ubuntu server running Apache.

We are using Eclipse as  IDE. There are going to be about 5 programmers working on the project at the same time, this will create some problems.
Is there a system/plugin to Eclipse to handle multiple users developing on the same project. The code is located on the server so it will have to use SSH/SFTP or something like this.

SVN can not be used! Because the PHP files have to be able to be read by Apache!
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ciprian-dobreaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The right way to go by doing this, would be using a Subversion system, and check out versions into an APACHE web folder every now and then when you guys feel the project is stable enough to be ran on the (staging) server. In between such bigger steps, each one of you guys should have a local development server, so your half-baked code won't affect anyone else's tests/work. When you are confident your patch is stable, you should push it into the repository for everyone in your team to be able to update their working copies.

If you are working on windows, an easy way to set up development LAMP servers under windows, is WAMP.

Subversion works through ssh.
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