unable to rdp from outside the network

I am having a problem with a user not being able to rdp to her desktop from out side of the office error: The local policy does not permit you to log on interactivelly.
The weird thing is if she's in the office she can rdp from another desktop with no problem. she is part of the Allow logon through TS within Secpol on the local machine and she can connect to her desktop from outside of the office via RWW just fine.
has anyone seen this before?
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tips54Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I figured out... it was an error on my part, on the firewall I had the external IP NATed to the wrong private address.
The error message was right on.
Within activive directry ensure that 'all access' for  remote dial in under the 'dial in tab' is set.
Without this is wont happen.
Could you give further details of what 'RWW' is please and also 'TS'?
Most organisations won't allow RDP when 'outside the office' unless it is via a secure VPN such as a remote ActiveID token for example.
Found a few refs that may help you



Hopefully they should offer a quick fix.
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