Reporting Services 2005 - Running extremely long

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I am having issues with my reports running extremely slow on Reporting Services 2005.  The reports, if I run it from Visual Studio takes only a few seconds, but on the report server it is taking any where from 2-10 minutes depending.  Is there any tools that can help me look at why it is taking so long from Reporting Services?  I suspect it's something with IIS.
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holemaniaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After rebooting the database server where the reporting server is located, it seems to speed up.  I had tried running the reports from a number of developers computer that has Visual Studio, and it takes seconds.  Also the stored procedure for the reports execute in seconds.  

So probably something going on with reporting services on that server?  I tried restarting that in IIS as well as restarting IIS prior with no improvement.  However, after rebooting the server, it seems to be perform much better.  Any suggestions?
When running in Visual Studio; it may be using cached data and hence will run in seconds. To test this; close report in Visual Studio; go to project folder and delete file named same as report with "" extension. Re-open report and run and it will run without using cached data.
You may well need to tune query to increase performance.  
Megan BrooksSQL Server ConsultantCommented:
Do the reports always take a long time to run, or only after the Report Server has been idle for an extended period of time?
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