Windows NT Server PDC and BDC question

I'm doing some work on a college project about legacy operating systems. Do Windows NT PDCs and BDCs both need to run WINS, or would it be just the PDC.

Thanks Experts!
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Neither *needs* to run WINS. I've lived years without it. Some other system will become a browse master.

If your network is large though, you could run it on the PDC or the BDC. It's function is more like DHCP than DNS, as the broadcast nature of WINS suggests strongly that one is the limit.
Alex GalbraithSolutions ArchitectCommented:
The minimum requirement for WINS in NT is one server, however it uses such a small amount of resources and gives redundancy to your WINS infrastructure so is worth installing at least one per DC and/or site.
According to this thread, you may want to keep WINS on both the PDC and BDCs.
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One more article on the subject of WINS

"Although WINS isn't necessary for newer operating systems like Windows 2000 and Windows XP, older applications and clients still use it."

So, if I am reading both articles correctly, WINS is essential to your environment and should be on your PDC and BDCs.
WINS is NetBIOS based name resolution; it basically has the same role and importance for an NT4 domain as DNS has for an AD domain.
WINS is just a service; it's required to run an NT4 domain properly (building a domain on broadcasts is nothing desirable ...), but like DNS, it is NOT necessary to run it on a DC. You can have WINS running on separate servers as well. How many you need depends on the number of clients and branch offices over WAN connections.
In other words: at least one server needs to be running WINS (but it doesn't have to be a DC).

WINS is used exactly to prevent NetBIOS name resolution through broadcasts. It provides name resolution services and is nothing at all like DHCP. Clients using a WINS server will (depending on the node type) only fall back to broadcasts if the WINS server can't resolve the name.

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steven_maherAuthor Commented:
Great answer, thank you for your help!
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