Rights to send Everyone email is Exchange 2007

We are currently running Exchange 2007 on a Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 64 edition box.  We have setup an Everyone Email Rights group in active directory and the members of that group are the only accounts that send "Everyone" emails.  We have the "Everyone" email account Message Delivery Restrictions set to "Only Senders in the Following List' and that group is listed.  We now have a need for an account outside of our domain to be able to send "Everyone" emails.  Our domain is xxxx.xxx.xxx and the domain from where this email will be orginating is xxxx.xxx.   Is there any other work around to have this user send "Everyone" emails?  I had to change Message Delivery Restriction to "All Senders" and remove the check from "Require that all senders all authenticated" to get it to work this one time.  But, this will be an ongong requirement for the rest of the year and was hoping there was a more automated way to allow this user outside our domain to send "Everyone" emails.  Will adding this user as a "Contact" and putting the Contact in the Everyone Email Rights group work?
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I just tested this for you and can confirm it works. However, before you go about implementing this, don't forget SMTP is unsecure; the steps involve disabling the authentication requirement, which means *anyone* could spoof a message from the external sender's address and spam your distribution lists. There are safer ways to negate this issue, such as giving that external user a local mailbox they can access via OWA.

If you do decide to go down this route, create the contact object with the external sender's SMTP address specified. Make that contact a member of your group of users with permission to email the list, then disable the authentication checkbox on the main distribution list's Delivery Restrictions.

The external user can then email your "Everyone" group using its email address.


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