Backup from NAS to remote NAS

We are currently looking at possible backup solutions for our company. At the moment we are backing up to tape using ARCserve Backup r11.1 and the data we wish to backup is now bigger than the tape, another problem is that we are running low on server space.

So our plan is to buy two NAS 500GB have one situated in our main office and one situated in our remote office. Move the file/folders from our server to the NAS then have ARCserve run a backup job backing up from NAS Main to NAS Remote and a backup job backing up the server and mission critical files.

I’m not to familiar with ARCserve and would like to know your thoughts on this idea
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Consider buying a NAS that has snapshot and remote replication capabilities. This way, the two NAS boxes can replicate the data amongst themselves without any software like ARCserve.

This of course means that you need to leave the consumer level NAS boxes behind and that you need to aim for a mid-range device.

The big advantage of such a setup is that you only need to take a full backup once. All backups that follow are incremental, so you won't overload your WAN connection doing a daily backup.
QGoldenAuthor Commented:
A NAS with remote replication built in I have seen any of them around. I have seen ones where you can backup to an online server for a monthly fee but none that allow you to backup directly to another NAS without the need for a server/software.

Is it better to buy a NAS or build your own running Linux?

As I said, you need to look at a slightly higher market segment for a professional NAS to get the built-in replication.

A little googling with keywords NAS, snapshot and replication should put you in the right direction.

You could build your own if you have the time and knowledge. If you want support, reliability and performance, you're probably better of with a ready-to-use NAS.

It all depends on how much you value the information that is stored on the devices; even a small company should be willing to invest in a professional solution if the information is important enough.


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ARCserve 11.1 is pretty old, so it will need to be upgraded along with the tape drive which should be a LTO.

A job can be setup to do what you want.

A directory on is created and then in ARCserve it is configured as a FSD File System Device.

The job is configured to do staging and will backup to the FSD on the NAS and then later to either the other NAS or tape. You also have the ability to use a deduplication device instead of the FSD.

But that is just one example there is a lot of flexibility in how you can set it up.

Check out the CA support site, it has a whole series of instruction videos showing how to do most things in ARCserve.
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