Resetting a javascript value on successful save

I am setting a javascript isDirty value to 1 if a change is made in the fields on a form. If the user cilcks a menu item or link that would take them away, I detect if the value is 1 and alert to save.

However, if they press the SAVE button on the page, and the save is successful, I want to reset the value to 0, so that if they click away again, it won't alert them to save again, because they have already saved.

How do I get my .NET code after I determine the save is successful, to then go in and change the isDirty value back to 0?

Starr DuskkASP.NET VB.NET DeveloperAsked:
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I assume the save operation on your web page requires post back to the server. If so, you have to do nothing because when you are back from post back, the value of the variable will be the same you have initially defined.

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I hope i understood your problem, if it doesn't help you please let me know.
Starr DuskkASP.NET VB.NET DeveloperAuthor Commented:
It is in a radajax panel so it doesn't repost and reset the javascript.
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I see the problem now.

Ok, what you have to use is the responseEnd method of the radAjaxManager. When the call back is completed you will go through that handler.

Starr DuskkASP.NET VB.NET DeveloperAuthor Commented:
That's not going to work for me as I use the radscript manager and anyway... I don't want this to run every single time it hits, I just want it when the save button is done server side and successful.
Is there someway to register some script that will call the function again after it is completed?
Something akin to this functionality, but where I could call a function that resets the value or something?

Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(t, scriptName, sb.ToString)
Starr DuskkASP.NET VB.NET DeveloperAuthor Commented:
I couldn't ever find a solution to this, so I just did a page refresh on the SAVE button so it would reload the page and reset the isdirty flag. All the other buttons still use the ajax.
Thanks for trying to help.
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