Having proxy setup in IE, but have ISA 2006 not ask for username/password


   I received a requirement that I am unsure if it is possible to setup.  Please understand this is a testing environment as well, so logic doesn't really apply for the requirement.  ;)

   I have ISA 2006 installed and working great.  No issues.

   It is setup a firewall rule to have all protocols, all networks to let everything pass for all users.

   However, we need to make sure that people are not able to browse the internet without a proxy setup in IE.

   So, I put the same rule except that instead of having it for all users, I put it to authenticated users.

   That pretty much solved our problem.  However, we would like to make sure that IE doesn't ask for a username & password to get into the proxy.

    Is there a way to set this up?  So that all computers need to have the proxy checked, but doesn't require a username & psw to get into it?
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pwindellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only way to do that is use Intergrated Authentication
The only way to do that is for ISA to be a Domain Member have have a correct DNS Scheme on the LAN
The ISA machine should be a domain member before ISA is installed.
Mordillo98Author Commented:
That's what I though initially, but it seems that for our testings, we need zero authentication.

So basically what we did is uninstall ISA 2006, and installed CCProxy which actually does that.
If you need zero authentication then use "All Users" in the Access Rule instead of Authenticated Users.

Removing ISA for such a reason as that makes no sense at all.
Mordillo98Author Commented:
Nah.  the scenario needs to have everybody use the proxy settings in IE WITHOUT authentication.

Having "all users" setup in ISA 2006 permits IE to use the internet with, or without the proxy settings checked.

That doesn't fit us.  However, CCProxy software when configured does that automatically.  Nobody has internet unless the proxy settings in IE is configured, and there's no need to authenticate anywhere.

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