How to relay mail through iis smtp to exchange 2007

I have exchange 2007 on 2008 R2. I run sophos puremessage that won't install on R2 until the end of June.

I installed iis smtp on a windows 2003 server and installed puremessage on this box.

Now, how do I tell exchange 2007 to use this smtp server on the 2003 box for incoming email?  I will continue to push email out of the exchange 2007 server and not worry about filtering outgoing email for now.

Thanks for your help.
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MegaNuk3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange 2007 doesn't need to be told, it will just accept the messages from the w2k3 IIS box as incoming internet mail.

Just tell the W2k3 IIS box to forward all mail to the smart host = Exchange 2007 server
Once you have setup the smarthost on the w2k3 box. then test it by dropping a simple message in the pickup folder.
Create a .txt file with everything between the " below:
Subject: Test from W2k3
this is a test

Then drop the .txt file in the pickup folder and the message should get delivered into the mailbox
jasonsloganAuthor Commented:
I had to run a powershell command on the server to allow anonymous relay'd mail but it works.
Thanks for the points. Confirm that you haven't set it up as an open relay from the internet...

You can test this with
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