Is there a way to log an XP machine straight in to the VMware View Client with a default username and password?

We're trying to setup a pilot using vmware view but i can't seem to get the vmware view client to log in with saved credentials so the machine just powers on, logs straight into it's designated vmware view broker and slice.  I want it seemless so the user doesn't get prompted for anything.
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bbnp2006Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's the commandline options for the wswc.exe which launches the view client, you have to write up a scripts to pass the default username and password as parameters when launching the view client when the computer starts for the users so that the user won't need any interventions to get in. Hope this helps!

VMware VDM Client 2.1.0 build-596 command line usage:
-desktopName XXX Desktop to autostart
-domainName XXX Domain for server login
-file XXX File with additional command line parameters
-languageId XXX Language id to use (if available)
-nonInteractive To suppress error message boxes for fully scripted startup
-password XXX Password for server login
-screenFull Use FullScreen desktop mode (need DesktopName)
-screenWindow Use Window desktop mode (need DesktopName)
-screenMulti Use FullScreen MultiMonitor desktop mode (need DesktopName)
-serverURL XXX The URL for the VDM server
-standalone UNSUPPORTED: To start an additional client instance for test
-userName XXX UserName for server login

Option names are case insensitive and can be abbreviated down to shortest unique
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
How are you looking to set this up ?
1.Do you want to use Cached Credentials for every user ?
2.There would be only one user account which would have its password cached and it would be used by all the users alike.
khdonabergerwidenerAuthor Commented:
Currently we just want to use one Active Directory account (a generic) to log everyone in.
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These registry settings will automatically log you int to windows.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon


Is that what you wanted

There is also a program called shelogin sorry i can't find a link at the moment
The last part of this post might give you some idea of how to do this:;jsessionid=35A3EF14C1B0390EC02EA07B09360986

Also, you can also do this with the help of a software called thinlaunch, demo here:
you can only allow wswc.exe to run when the machine starts up, so the users don't have to login to windows first, all they need to do is to login to the view client to get to their desktop.

hope this helps.
khdonabergerwidenerAuthor Commented:
Conradjones, yes but i also want those credentials to log into the view client as well to pass completely through without interaction.
khdonabergerwidenerAuthor Commented:
bbnp2006, well currently i have a batch script setup so that wswc will launch and re-launch when i put them in there?  This is the script:

@echo off
"C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Client\bin\wswc.exe"
goto View

yes, you just have to add the proper options at the end of the executable: i.e.
C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware View\Client\bin\wswc.exe -userName <defaultuser> -password <defaultpwd> -domainName <defaultdomain> -screenFull

something like that to pass your default credentials to the wswc.exe program.

Hope it works out for you.

khdonabergerwidenerAuthor Commented:
That was very helpful, thanks a lot man.  I ended up using what you showed me to edit my script I already had and it works like a charm.  Thanks!
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