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I'll get right to the point...
I have a form that allows a user to enter info. If a duplicate record is trying to be submitted (based on 3 fields) the user is prompted to enter an ID (one of the 3 fields) into a combo box to search for any records with that ID. I want the results, there are most likely going to be multiple records, to be displayed in either a list box or maybe a subform. The user then must select one of those records, which will be displayed on the main form, allowing them to edit the record.
Is this possible?
Thanks in advance for your expert help and advice.
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Helen FeddemaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
See my Simple Filters database for an example of filling a subform with data filtered by a selection in a combo box.  You could adapt it to your needs.  Here is a link for downloading it, and a screen shot of the form:
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
it is best that you upload a copy of your db.
Helen FeddemaCommented:
If you need to filter by three values, see my Fancy Filters database:
nysoscdesktopsupportAuthor Commented:
sorry, due to the content of my db I cannot upload a copy of it here.
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