PercPro CERC ATA100/4ch Controller 0, Array Disk 0:0 failed

have a Dell PowerEdge 600SC on Windows Server 2003 running Raid with 2 drives.  I just received this message: PercPro CERC ATA100/4ch Controller 0, Array Disk 0:0 failed.  There are also events in the raid manager that says the drive is degraded.  I am not an expert with RAID and have not worked a lot with repairing them before.  I keep reading about updating the firmware and drivers, but the server is running fine (our file server) I'm hesitant to just start trying things without getting additional info.  What would be the appropriate steps to take?  BTW, we don't have a full backup. What is a good program should we should use to perform a full backup. Please note I did not setup the file server it was done by another system administrator a long time ago I just became their support person this month and don't know the entire details of their setup.
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You lost one of the mirrored drives.  If you can not put in a spare to replace the failed one NOW, then kick off a full backup NOW!!   Just pop it in, and it will automatically rebuild (or it should)

If you do not have ability to backup immediately, then go to local computer store, buy a replacement drive.  Same make/model is desired, but since this is an older CERC ATA controller, then choices are limited.

Although my experience is not statistically significant, I have had 4 dells with this CERC controller, each with 4 disks, all bought at same time, and after I had one drive failure, I lost a second drive within days.  This happened for 3 of the 12 disks.  

Also if you have not been running regular consistency checks, then you could have partial data loss due to corruption, and you are risking that right now as you run.  These disks tend to grow bad blocks.  So the urgency is not just rebuilding for a 2nd drive failure, you have a greater risk of getting unreadable blocks, which mean unrecoverable data loss on those bad blocks.

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P.S. do not get a cheap $50 consumer-class ATA drive, you are better off if you have to order a replacement to get what dell has certified, and a drive designed for 365x24x7.  Those cheap PC-store disks are not designed for this type of work.  PURCHASE 2 of them, stick both in, make one a hot spare. Then when, not IF, the other drive dies, you will be ready.
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