Attach file and upload file through url


I'm wondering if it's possible to upload a file through url. For example, I got an image on my local computer, c:\image.png. I want to attach this file name with full path to a url:\image.png. My application will load the file and display in the browser.

Thanks a lot for the help.

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Are you attempting to do this across the internet?
>>I'm wondering if it's possible to upload a file through url.
No. You have to use a <form> and use the <input type="file"> element. Furthemore, the user must manually select the file. These features are in place for security reasons.
mybluegrassAuthor Commented:
Let me rephrase it. My main purpose is to be able to pass an image file located in my local computer to my web based application which is installed on a different linux server. I know now that automatically upload won't work, but is there a way to pass the image data, say, the bytes through the post method?


Again, for security reasons, the user MUST choose the file manually. If that were not the case I would be able to lure you to my site and visit some page with the following code:
<form id='theForm' action='dataStealer.php' method='post' enctype='multipart/form-data'>
 <input type='file' value='C:\test.doc' />

Then in the processing file I would just save the file and then redirect you to a legitimate page.  So there, I would have stolen your file without your knowledge. For this reason, even pre-setting the file name in the value of the input field is ignored by the browser. It will only send/submit the file unless the user chooses the file manually.

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You do need <input type='file' .. for HTML upload. Another solution could be an applet that will upload file for you. You have on at
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