IBM T30 Bios password

Hi, I am trying to get an old IBM T30 laptop working. However whenever I start it up, it looks for a security password straight away. I tried removing the CMOS battery (the yellow one under the main battery) and leaving it out for 20 minutes, but this didnt work. Anyone got any idea's? theres also an error saying the system has been tampered with for a couple of seconds when I turn it on
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edbedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes that would work, can you find one locally? Otherwise, I think a phone call would be quicker.
Those things won't work on a T30 Laptop but this service claims to be able to do it for $1.00 with many satisfied customers. 
ITDUAuthor Commented:
only thing is I need to use the laptop asap to connect to a Cisco switch through serial cable. its possible to just but a USB to serial convertor for this purpose yeah?
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