My ActiveX control doesn't work in IE protected mode. Normal mode works however.

I make use of some Win32 keyboard state query functions. For some reason I see that key presses for standard alphanumeric keys don't register. Certain other keys, such as Enter, Shift, Control, Alt, etc do register. I'm guessing maybe this is intentional in protected mode to help prevent keyboard logging or something. The thing is, a child window inside my ActiveX control does have focus. It runs in a different thread, but that thread does call AttachThreadInput(). Anyone have any idea how to maybe fix this? I'm guessing I will get responses back recommending I handle keyboard input with the standard WM_ messages. I would rather not have to change my design much and a lot of code. Thanks.
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Mohamed_allabakashSr. ManagerCommented:
hope the following link will help you to understand the protected mode.

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davideo7Author Commented:
Didn't help solve the problem but was still helpful.
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