Avaya IP500 over HP 2610 over Cisco 3750 Core

Hi all

I have a new project on the cards and need to do some planning without getting the big shot consultants in as we're on a very tight budget.

At the moment:
     Old digital phone system to be replaced totally.
     We run Cisco 3750 Switches in the "core'.
     Various L2 switches hang off it to distribute to end users.
     These switches are spread over 5 or so VLANs (on the Cisco switch) -
     (reason for the VLANs is to minimize network noise and broadcast storms.

We need to introduce an IP500 phone system to replace the old system
The handsets are 1608 and 1616 with each user's PC hanging off his/her handset.

[In another unrelated site I use HP 2610-24-PWR switches connected to an IP500. This is setup is fairly simple as the phones are plugged straight into the HPs - the phones are on one vlan while data is on another]

Keep in mind i currently use the following type of port config on the Cisco (none of the ports connect directly to a user - they are pretty much all downlinks to L2 switches):

     interface GigabitEthernet1/0/16
      description: This port connects to a 48 port L2 switch
      switchport access vlan 40
      switchport mode access

Can I configure the Cisco to have multiple vlans on the same switch-port while using the HPs to plug the handsets into?
Can the HP and Cisco switches live together happily and handle each other's vlans?

Any ideas and comments would be helpful - 500 points to the person who can make me go "Eureka!".

Thanks all
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HP port 1 connected to phone to PC1
HP port 2 connected directly to PC2
HP port 24 connected to Cisco

On  cisco side  interface GigabitEthernet1/0/16 should include something like
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk allowed vlan 10, 40
Note: Tagging/untagging mix must match in both ends of the HP-cisco link.
As far as I know Cisco with trunk encapsulation 802.1Q is untagging the native vlan & 802.1Q-tagging all other vlans.
- by the way Trunking means link aggregation in Procurve world.

vlan 10
name voice
tagged 1,24
vlan 40
name data-40
untagged 1,2
tagged 24
write mem

Refer to:

theB0FHAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that. I'll have to kit to test this on next week and will update with my findings.

On top of above mentioned I guess you will have to deal with some sort of DHCP and Qos.

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theB0FHAuthor Commented:
Just a quick update. I'm about to start testing configurations of the above this week, so I'll update when I know more/have any more questions.

theB0FHAuthor Commented:
Thanks, those docs are useful. I've also managed to connect a 3Com 4250T into the picture with some success.

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