How do you disconnect a vpn user after a period of inactivity?

I'm new to Cisco routers and using the ASDM interface.
VPN users are connecting fine but I need to find a way to disconnect them automatically after a certain number of minutes.

I've adjusted
Group Policies > AnyConnectClientPolicy > Advanced > SSL VPN Client > Keepalive setting to 20 secs

But that didn't seem to trigger any event for a test user.

Thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?
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Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
The keep alive is how often a keep alive will be sent so it will never time out.  You want to disable keep alives and then I think the Cisco default is to disconnect after 30 minutes of inactivity.
Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
In ASDM you should be able to set the Maximum Connected time and Idle Timeout on the General Tab of the Group Policy you are working with.  It may be set to inherit, from there you can specify them if you so choose.
ShawnGrayAuthor Commented:
Some progress.  The "max connected time" works but thats a little abrupt for users.

The "Idle Timeout" doesn't seem to do what I expect.  I set it for 1 minute, made my connection and did nothing for 2½ minutes but it maintained the connection.  Not certain how it defines "Idle".
Justin EllenbeckerIT DirectorCommented:
Idle means no traffic at all, turn your keep alive up to over about 10 seconds over the idle timer.  Sometimes there is no way to though to stop a machine from pinging or sending packets that are supposed to be encrypted and the ACL picks up.  We have our VPN set for 4 hour max connection all of our users were made aware of this and since they just RDP to their desktops in the office there is no real concern with the connection dropping.  You would almost have to wireshark the VPN connection while it is up and see what it is sending across, like I said it only takes one packet for it to not be considered "Idle"

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ShawnGrayAuthor Commented:
Those are good points.  Thank you for the quick thorough reply.  Take care.
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