WMIC compiler error

When we try to run WMIC on a particular computer we get the error ""Please wait while UMIC compiles updated MOF files. Parsing MoF File: C:\windows\system32\wbem\Cli.mof (Phase Error = 3) Compiler returned error 0x80041001"

here is the script:

"wmic /output:"%userprofile%\Desktop\software.txt" product get Name, Version"

How can we get this to work?   We have tried nothing but re-running the command so far.

User is a Power User but not an admin.

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i assume the wmi on this client is corrupt. See the solution here:
CharlesHAuthor Commented:
The solutions in the article did not work.  We are continuing to investivate
Please try the following:

Any application that uses WMI may return the following error code when attempting to connect to WMI / WBEM.


Error 0x80041001 WBEM_E_FAILED Call failed.



The WMI installation has become corrupted and is no longer functioning properly.



Verify that the WMI service is no longer functioning using the Wbemtest.exe utility or WMIDiag.vbs script, then reinstall WMI.  Once WMI is reinstalled, reinstall any additional WMI namespaces from 3rd party applications (like Microsoft Host Integration Server).


Testing WMI Connection with WbemTest

1)      Run %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem\WbemTest.exe

2)      Click Connect

3)      Click Connect

a.       The 0x80041001 error should occur during connect


Testing with the WMIDiag.vbs script.

1)      Download the WMIDiag script from the Microsoft website

2)      Cscript WMIDiag.vbs

a.       The 0x80041001 error should occur.


Stopping the WMI Service

1)      Using Computer Manager

a.       Goto Services

b.      Select “Windows Management Instrumentation”

c.       Right Click

d.      Select Stop

2)      From the command line

a.       Type: Net Stop winmgmt


Reinstalling WMI

1)      Using Windows Explorer

a.       Goto %SystemRoot%\inf

b.      Right Click wbemoc.inf

c.       Select Install

2)      From the command line

a.       Type: rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection WBEM 132 %SystemRoot%\inf\wbemoc.inf


Start the WMI Service

1)      Using Computer Manager

a.       Goto Services

b.      Select “Windows Management Instrumentation”

c.       Right Click

d.      Select Start

2)      From the command line

a.       Type: Net Start winmgmt



Test with Wbemtest.exe or WMIDiag.vbs again and see if that resolves the problem.


Reinstall any 3rd party WMI namespaces (like Microsoft Host Integration Server)

1)      Locate the *.mof files

2)      For each MOF file execute the following

a.       Mofcomp filename.mof

3)      Locate any WMI related DLL’s

4)      For each WMI DLL execute the following

a.       Regsvr32 /s filename.dll

5)      Stop and Start the WMI Service.


Example: Host Integration Server MOF and DLL files

Until the following MOF and DLLs are reinstalled the following Error may occur accessing the HIS Namespace.



Namespace specified cannot be found.


This is because reinstalling WMI has removed the 3rd party Namespace.

1)      Located in C:\Program Files\Host Integration Server\System

a.       Wmicomti.dll

b.      Wmihis.dll

c.       Wmisna.dll

d.      Wmisnastatus.dll

e.       Wmisnatrace.dll

f.        Wmicomti.mof

g.       Wmihis.mof

h.       Wmisna.mof

i.         Wmisnastatus.mof

j.        Wmisnatrace.mof

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CharlesHAuthor Commented:
I will try this.
Any update?
CharlesHAuthor Commented:
I have not had the error again since you posted your response.  This software is something we run only when swapping users.

I will get on my techs about letting me know as soon as it happens again.
CharlesHAuthor Commented:
Ihave stil not had this error re-occur but merrowinger did a lot of good work on this so I am awarding him full points.
Helped me - thanks.
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