Etime clock with ADP and remote site

We have a remote location without any point to point vpn setup.   Firewall on the central location is a sonicwall with Remote access vpn capability for pc's but no site to site.
We have an Etime clock at the remote site and the Etime Server at the central location. (currently not connected to each other).
Due to budget issues, we can't install a point to point tunnel to be able to enter the IP address of the server on the Etime Clock for syncronization.  
Anyone have any ideas on connecting these together?
perhaps a free utility that connects site to site?

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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
<<Due to budget issues, we can't install a point to point tunnel to be able to enter the IP address of the server on the Etime Clock for syncronization.  >>
  You can do a cheap point to point VPN with a couple of routers; maybe $300 at most.  Is that still too far out of budget?  I would suggest doing it in hardware rather then software.
 Of course this assumes that both locations already have an internet connection.  Forget dialup; it will be too slow and unstable.


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All sonicwall routers come with at least a few Site-to-site VPN licenses.. are you sure you can't setup a site-to-site vpn tunnel?
seven45Author Commented:
I'm waiting to find out the sonicwall version, but the one installed is a really old one and does not support site to site.  Also, springing for another sonicwall is not preferred (currently).

What I was thinking:  I have a pc that has a VPN connection to the corporate network.  What if I add another nic card and connect the time clock to that nic and nat/route traffic from one nic to the other?  Just a clouded theory that I need to expand on.  Anyone know if that would work? If so, any suggestions on how to go about doing that.
BTW, If VPN isn't an option, you can also load another copy of the Handpunch manager on the otherside . It doesn't have to be a dedicated PC, but it has to run in the background to pull punches from the clock.

The punch software communicates directly to ADP, doesn't need a connection to the corporate network.
seven45Author Commented:
We're goign to try adding a computer with 2 nic's-- ...or setup something similar with ADP.  I'll let you guys know how it goes.
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