Change Exchange 2007 IP Address

We are planning to move our exchange 2007 server to another data center which has a different IP address scheme. So basically if the current address is we want to change it to Both data center is part of the same domain and the exchange server name will remain the same. The DNS will be updated accordingly. Will this change cause any issue with our exchange server?
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Shouldn't do no, you are referring to private IP ranges. If you external public IP does not change, there shouldn't be any problems

Just make sure that in your internal DNS systems, the new IP is used so that the new IP is used and not the old, thats worth checking.

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You leave out lots of information that could be unique to your network, so I will assume that you have traffic routed to flow from one subnet to another and vis versa.

Changing the IP address should not cause any problems if the email is being routed to that server by computer name.  If the email is being routed to the server by IP address then email will stop flowing when you change the IP address.  You need to follow the routing of incoming email.  Start with your MX record to see which IP address email is going to.  This will be an external IP address.  This could be an IP address on your firewall, router, or some other appliance or server.  Look at that device to see how it is routing email to the email server.  Since you only communicated an internal IP address for your email server, something on your network must be redirecting Port 25 traffic to the internal IP address that is assigned to your email server.  

Take a similar approach to outgoing email.  Firewall setup may only let SMTP traffic flow out from the old address.  If email will be leaving the network on a different external IP address then you may need to update any spam filtering solutions and/or email verification methods (PTR records ,etc).

The Exchange server itself won't care what IP address it has, as long as it can see your domain controllers.  The Outlook clients should all be directed to the Exchange server through Active Directory, so once the DNS info for the server is updated Outlook should work.  

If you use OWA don't forget to update the new IP address in your firewall rules for that as well.

Hope this helps and good luck
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