Add virtual network adapter in VMWare and have it show up as a physical adapter in MS Server 2008 R2

### END GOAL ###
I am trying to set up DirectAccess on Windows Server 2008 R2.  It requires two or more physical adapters.

I have VMWare ESXi running on a single server with one physical network adapter serving two virtual machines... one of them being MS Windows Server 2008

### PROBLEM ###
Can I create a virtual network adapter in VMWare ESXi and then have it show up as a physical network adapter in W2k8 R2 or some other method that would allow me to satisfy my END GOAL stated above without purchasing an additional NIC?
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NJComputerNetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Maybe something like this will work?

Though, a nic costs about $2 .... just buy a nic
hmmm... I don't think this is possible... i think you need another physical nic or at least nic port on the host.
matt1237Author Commented:
What do you mean by nic port on host?
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matt1237Author Commented:
I *thought* that using VMWare would allow me to virtualize my network adapter as well.  If I can have two VM's share the same physical NIC using two separate IP's, then it seemed in my mind that I could possibly also add a second virtual NIC instead of splitting one NIC in two???  I understand these are two entirely different things, but in the visualized world things like this could be possible???
Sounds to me like you not only require 2 NICs on the VM but 2 separate networks as well. This can be accomplished through VLANs if you are on a managed switch and multiple VM Port Groups (Virtual Machine Networks) on a single virtual switch in ESX.

Procedure overview:
- Configure a trunk port on the managed switch that you are plugged into and allow the proper VLANs that you want.

- On ESX (ESXi) create multiple Virtual Machine Port groups and assign each one with a different VLAN ID (one of those that were allowed to cross the trunk). I recommend naming the port group something that reflects that vlan (vm_network_ext_VLANID).

- Edit the settings of the VM and on the network adapters and change the network label to be that of the new Virtual Machin Port Groups.

matt1237Author Commented:
In VMWare 4.0 I was able to get a second NIC to show up in Win2k8 R2 by adding a second Network Adapter of type VMXNET 3 (this type is capable of being a virtual nic) to my virtual machine.  I was able to figure this out reading the VMWare knowledge base link supplied above.
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