Sharepoint change management column addition

I am currently running a Sharepoint (WSS 3.0) website for several different groups in our company. One of the groups requested the change management template available from MS here

I have installed this and all is working fine. The users have been in it and adding projects etc.

Within this change management template there is a projects list subcategory. One of the users requested that I add a new column to the site so they can differentiate between our regional offices. In the address bar I created a new column  (create column.jpg) and set the desired data settings etc (Column info.jpg)

So far everything is working as it should the column added no problem and the colum is now displaying on the main projects screen (projectlist.jpg). The problem I am running into now is that even though I created the new column and set the data type as mandatory when I go to create a new project that data column is not available for data to be entered into (newitem.jpg). Im sure there has got to be an easy way to add the region field into the new projects form but for the life of me I cant figure out how.

Hoping you can help
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Joseph DalyAsked:
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While I haven't spent any time with that particular template, it sounds like the newitem form for that list has been customized.  You can either:
a) go into SharePoint Designer and find that entry form (probably called newitem.aspx)  which will be under Lists\Projects List and customize it or
b) go into SharePoint Designer and make a new entry form for that list (leave the original intact for safe keeping/backwards compability) and then create a link that folks will click on, moving forward to enter new projects, that includes your new field
If you don't have SPD already, it is free and at
Joseph DalyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, i will give this a shot. Im pretty new to sharepoint so I may have some more questions about this.
One thing to be aware of is that the templates provided (for free) have all sorts of customizations in the forms/definitions that sometimes the customization is not going to be possible (or easy).
I generally use those templates as a guide. As in, install it, try it and then build my own site from the concepts that are in there, so i am in full control of the solution and result.
If you aren't too far down the path of using it (not too much data you couldn't copy out and into a new site), I'd suggest considering that.

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