RAID 5 Volume highly fragmented

Hi There

I have noticed an issue on one of my servers which has a raid 5 volume. The volume has become highly fragmented (see attached).

Is this normal?
What suggestions do you have.

I have noticed this on a few other server as well.

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You should just defrag it.  RAID volumes need defragging just like any volume.

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I've had lots of luck with MyDefrag (

It's free and does some of the automation for you (like daily, monthly or weekly defrags).
The point of a RAID controller is that it makes a RAID set appear as a single disk drive. Treat it as such for purposes of defragmentation.  
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You should look into DiskKeeper.  I use it because it has an active defrag that works in the background.  Kinda pricey, but reliable.
Diskkeeper has a 30 day free eval, and it could very well take days to defrag this device depending on the SAN and what else is going on inside that system.
A utility that I prefer to use is from sysinternals, which is now a microsoft company.

The sysinternals utility is commercial quality, and is a command-line, so it can be made to run either as a startup, on demand, or even remotely.

It is free, and the utility can be used to not only defrag, but make selected files or subdirectories contiguous, which provides even more benefits.  They also have programs to defrag & make the "unmovable" files contiguous/defragged.   This has to be done on a bootup, of course.

The entire suite, which contains a good number of useful utilities is
junzcptAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.

Is it ok to defrag the volume even if it has the pagefile located on it?

In raid 5 data is written accross multiple disks in a non-contigous fashion, does windows see this as fragmentation? (am i corect in saying this?)
Windows is unaware of the physical properties of the "disk". Yes it is ok to defrag this or any other disk drive regardless or the pagefile
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