Sharepoint workflow outgoing email not working

Setup and Purpose:

We are trying to setup a helpdesk in WSS 3.0.  I have created a document library to recieve emails and an issue tracking list to create a new issue for the techs.  The library and issue tracking list are connected through a workflow in SPD.  I have created more workflows to email the end user everytime their issue status changes, but here is my problem.  The "Created by" column in the issue tracking list always has my name and NEVER brings in the end user's name.  I cannot figure out why, but that prevents me using the email To field with the value "Document Library:Created By".  I also see in the document library that I can the E-Mail From and E-Mail Sender columns which accuratly show the end user's email address.  I can bring either of these values into my issue tracking list but I get a workflow error.

Problem: How do I get the end user to recieve the email using my workflow?

I am posting the pics to show an example:

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someITguysConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was able to use my current setup by reevaluating the primary/foreign keys between the library and the issue tracking list.  It appears to be working now.
First check if email settings is good in your envirionment.
Is e-mail alerts works well?
You can create working workflow that sends mail to someone (fix user, creator, modifier etc)?

If email setting ok, check how where to find correct user. (in the document library or the issue tracking list). If your workflow connected to another list than the requered username found, You can query it from workflow.

You can also try to transfer user mail drop library to a dedicated field in issue tracking list.
someITguysAuthor Commented:
E-mail settings are working.  Everyone gets alerts.

I have already done what you described.  The top 2 pictures are linked together in a workflow.  An email is recieved into the Email Drop library (picture 1) and a new issue is created in the Support Issues list (picture 2). These two pictures are connected by the same email, which you can see by the value 44 in the ID column.

You can see how SPD is trying to create the email in the last picture I posted.  It is based off Support Issues: User Name.
This value is shown in the second picture, but I am getting an error which I posted as the third picture.

Any ideas?
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What is the type of User Name field? Did you tried to send e-mail to user in Created By or Modified By field?
someITguysAuthor Commented:
User Name filed: single line of text.

In my original post, I said that the created by column always has my name and never shows the actual end user's name who sent the email.  If I adjust the workflow to email the person in the "Created by" column, I will recieve the email so that shows the workflow can send the email.  Problem is, I did not send the email to the library so that is why I do not understand why my name shows up in the created by column.  Any ideas?
If e-mail address exists in SharePoint user list it's should be mapped to user name in Created By and Modified By.

I'm can simlpy send scanned pdfs directly from printer to a Document Library (account created for that printer).

Try a new test install it should work.
someITguysAuthor Commented:
I tried a new test install and it is still having the same issue.
Try following:

1. New install
2. Create new list
3. Do not Create any workflow
3. Make it e-mail enable, check "Accept e-mail messages based on document library permissions"
4. Send clear text e-mail from simple mail client without attachement (from an existing user in sharepoint site)
5. Check log files if created by and modifed by fields not working properly: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\LOGS
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