Multiple SMTP Connectors - Exchange 2003

About 2 months ago, every email that we send to ANYONE@COX.NET is kicked back with 4.4.7 error. I have read many posts and articles, and had decided the best course was to set up a SMTP connector specifically for COX.NET. I pinged and got the ip address and proceeded to the Exchange Server Manager to create the connector as referred to in the example showed on 

There was already an existing SMTP connector setup by a previous administrator. It was named "SMTP-Out" and had the * in the address space.

I went ahead and created the new connector and called it "COX.NET" using the ip address from the above ping, and setting the address space only for

If I have one connector with an * and a second connector with a specific ip address, will the first connector route the outbound email before it even gets to the second connector?

Are connectors processed in hierarchical order (top first, then second, then third, etc)?
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
The SMTP connectors process based on the recipient domain, so mail will be sent down the connector and all other domains will be sent via the * connector.
ramitchell0954Author Commented:
Ok thanks. It seems to me that the wild card * in the first connector would "include" all domains including That was my concern.

So even though there is a connector that is wildcarded, by creating a second connector specifically for, then all email will go through that specific connector, and all other domain through the first one?

Asking different way, does creating a domain specific connector automatically exclude that specific domain from the wildcarded connector?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Yes, if you create a specific connector for a specific domain, it will route to that connector first.

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