How to use this jquery plugin (box shadow) for IE?

Hello, I would like to implement a box shadow effect for one of my divs at my website.  It is not in my coding yet, bc I found a plugin but it says it doesnt work in IE but then it does if you use a filter blur (dont know what that is). . .

Basically, I am wondering what do I need to change to make it work in IE?  Or do I need to change anything? Because their examples work in IE but I dont know if they did something to their code extra besides what comes in the download.  I am not very good with complicated jquery plugins, could someone please give me some advice? Thanks
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Albert Van HalenConnect With a Mentor Analyst developerCommented:
Like the site says : modern browsers support box shadow (although they have their own implementations).
You can have the same effect in IE using filter in css.
This plugin creates the abstraction layer for you via it's own method to apply drop shadow. (don't need to change anything); use this plugin and it will work in every/most browser.
FairyBusinessAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks, I just wanted to make sure I didnt need to add some filter selector that I dont know about.
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