Maximum allowed latency for synchronous replication

Is there some kind of specification for the maximum allowed latency for synchronous replication?

We want to implement a NetApp MetroCluster across two datacenters. Now we have to specify the parameters for the fibre-connection between the two locations.
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Duncan MeyersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need this document:

And the critical information is:
"Stretch MetroCluster can support a maximum of 500 meters between nodes at a speed of 2Gbps. Fabric MetroCluster, through the use of Fibre Channel switches, extends this distance to 100km at the same speed. At 4Gbps speeds, these distances are roughly cut in half unless using the Brocade 300, 5000, or 5100, which leaves this maximum distance at 100km". You'll need latency to be less than 5mS or you'll have problems.

You'll need Brocade distance extension licenses if the distance is greater than 10kM
kurthvAuthor Commented:
Good answer :-)
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Thanks! Glad I could help.
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