Remote Desktop in Windows 7 with multiple monitors - full screen and "use all monitors for session" does not work.

Using Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit and have 4 monitors: 25.5" widescreen (1920x1200), 27" widescreen (2048x1152) and 2 indentical 21.5" 4:3 aspect monitors (1600x1200).

2 Remote Desktop (RD) problems:

1. "Full screen" mode only works on the main display (which is where RD initally opens). If I move the RD window to another monitor of different resolution - either bigger or smaller - and maximize the window it does not fill the screen - I get both horizontal and vertical scroll bars. See attached screenshot.

Is there any way to get RD to go full screen on monitors of differing resolutions? Or are you always 'stuck' using it full screen on the monitor you open it on?

2. If, in the Remote Desktop desktop 'Display' tab I check 'Use all my monitors for the remote session' it has no effect. The remote desktop still only appears on one monitor and I can't move anything (ie, a window) to another monitor, which I thought would be possible.
Sal SoricePresidentAsked:
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Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
1. The connection by default opens using the resolution of the primary monitor you launched it from. This means if that one runs at 1920x1080, full screen means that resolution. So if you move that window to another monitor at a different resolution you will see the bars. There is no 'auto-scaling' that will then resize to the new 'full screen'.
2. Are you connecting from your Windows 7 box to where? Multimonitor is indeed supported when connecting to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, assuming you are connecting FROM a machine running the latest and greatest RDP 7 client.
Note that Aero and multimonitor are NOT compatible meaning if you have Aero effects, multimonitor does not work and vice versa.
Explained here:

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP

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Sal SoricePresidentAuthor Commented:

1. Bummer :-(  But thanks for the clarification.

2. Thanks for the link - very clear explanation.
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