Need all Vista Drivers for Toshiba Satellite A200

I've have to reformat and re-install Vista on my Satellite A200 laptop.  I've looked everywhere for the Vista drivers for it and cannot find them anywhere.  All I've been able to come up with so far is to order the recovery media.  Problem is, I can't wait 1-2 weeks to receive it and hate paying $24.95 to download it when every other computer I've owned I've been able to find drivers for it on the internet.

Does anyone know where I can download the drivers?  And it would be nice if they were free.
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Sector5Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi bugsyshare,

Maybe in that case it is better to get the cd from them, bite the bullet and pay the piper.
 It is so unnecessary though!

IMHO - I would go for HP - their products is great and their aftersales support as well.
Just be sure to take the 3year next business - on site support.

Good luck and enjoy.

Canadian Toshiba driver site has every toshiba driver known to man.  I dont know what part number yours is.. but I checked a few of them and they have windows 7 and vista drivers.  Let me know if that helps.
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bugsyshareAuthor Commented:
Thanks to you both.
Actually, I've been to most of those sites but unable to find the exact ones I need as one site wants "part number" and some of the other sites just want you to download an application that checks your machine for all missing drivers, then ask you to purchase their program in order to find and install the drivers.
But......what happened was, on the last reboot I did, the computer downloaded a huge list of updates and now all of the drivers are there except two:
Biometric Corocessor
Mass Storage Controller
So these are the only two I need to find now.  I haven't looked for them yet, so don't spend allot of time on it yet unless you just want to because it's possible I could locate these myself.
I'm going to go ahead and split and award points to this question based on the help you both gave me.  If either of you happen to find these other two drivers and don't mind posting them, that would be appreciated also.
Thanks much !!
Hi bugsyshare,

I have looked and looked. Wonder why these drivers are so damn difficult to get!
I am sorry to report that I could not find the two drivers you are still looking for.

I am glad updates sorted the rest!!

Good luck, hopefully the links helped some.
bugsyshareAuthor Commented:
Was talking to my son about it and he has run into same problem severl times.  He said their support in the U.S. is horrible.  I don't think I'll be buying another Toshiba any time soon.

Thanks for trying !!
bugsyshareAuthor Commented:
Sry,    forgot to award points. doing that right now !!

thanks ppl
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