networking windows7 pc's for rendering

So I sucessfully connected 2 pc's together so that they render together from cinema 4D (3D application). 3D Studio Max and Maya are being much more difficult to work.

the way I did it was to enable public sharing between both computers and they both are on the same network so they automatically see each other on the network.

I recently got windows 7 for both pc's and it has this thing called homegroup. I was wondering if I enabled homegroup, is it safer to use homegroup as the network rather than enabling public sharing?
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halejr1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Taken from an external resource:

Windows 7 feature that covers a lot of territory—it is about networking, user interface, sharing, media, printing, storage, search, and more. HomeGroup is a way of bringing all these features together in a way that makes it possible for a new level of coolness in a home with multiple PCs running Windows 7.

We can set up network topologies, configure machines, and set things up so they work—HomeGroup is designed to make that easier so it can be done without a volunteer sysadmin. It makes for some challenges in how to describe the feature since the lack of such a feature has each of us creating our own private best practices or our own techniques for creating and maintaining a home network. HomeGroup is about making this easier (or possible for everyone else) and at the same time giving you the tools to customize and manage—and no matter what, under the hood the file and printer sharing, media sharing, and networking you are already familiar with is there should you wish to stick with the familiar ways. HomeGroup is a deep feature that builds on a lot of new infrastructure/plumbing new to Windows 7
tyepoeAuthor Commented:
it sounds like Homegroup will do what I want. I read somewhere on the homegroup "help" that it does most of its multimedia sharing through windows media player...Thats why i was wondering if homegroup only connects pc's with media player installed or if it will connect through the network so I can swap files without media player?!
tyepoeAuthor Commented:
good answer, but didnt really answer it completely. thanks though!
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