Need a good Temperature/Humidity SNMP Monitor for server room

Our server room temp fluctuates a lot and we plan to add some big servers soon.

I need a recommendation for a Temp/Humidity monitor for the room.  The requirements are:

Must log data over time to a server or other device so we can track history
Must text or call us as well as send emails... some sort of alert
Less expensive the better :)

Please only recommend what you have used... it's hard to find reviews on this stuff which is why I am asking here.  If you have used something can you tell me what you like/hate about it...etc?
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It sounds like what you are describing would be better server by a more traditional management system where you have a device that detects humidity/temp, and then forwards the information to a manager for logging, auditing, and event notification(paging).

There are numerous solutions for detecting the temp/humidity out there, at a wide variety of price points. If you want an easy and well supported solution that it relativity inexpensive I'd look to APC, especially if you happen to already use their UPS. They reliably collect data and can feed it back to a manager.

As for the manager,if you don't already have one place, I'd recommend Zenoss. I've consulted on most of the major players and each has advantages. As for my network here I've migrated from  the HP Openview suite, to Orion NPM and now I'm using Zenoss, and I'm pretty happy with it. It's an open source enterprise management application that will do a wide variety of tasks, and setup is very user friendly. If your going to be putting in several new large servers it will help keep an eye on them as well. You will also be able, depending on the equipment, track internal server temps and report and event on those as well.

If you really just want room temps APC has some  basic management applications that can collect and report on environmental information, but there not free. :)
norcaltyAuthor Commented:
I ended up buying a Digi Watchport /H... it was $140 and including the logging and everything in one.  Very cheap and easy to install. The one sensor does Humidity and Temperature.
norcaltyAuthor Commented:
For others who want the information...

The Watchport /H Digi monitor is a USB sensor. Just plugged it into one of my servers in the room I want to monitor and installed a small piece of software.  Setup is fast and easy.  You just set your temp and humidity thresholds and it will email you, text you (via email), page you or even set off an audible alarm.  It logs everything in log files so you can graph out your fluctuations in temperature/humidity if you need to.  So far a great value and extremely accurate.  You can't beat the price either!

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