Opening Multiple Maildir via interface

I have a customer who went belly up.  They are needing to access all their email via a web interface.  So a single signon, allowing browsing all the employee's mailboxes, so they can search for a upcoming law suit.  
They, and I don't really want to setup each account all over again.
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If the files are Maildir format, then it will be pretty straightforward.  If you don't care about access rights (ie you are happy to have all mailboxes owned by a single account):

(this assumes the email is in ~/Maildir - it may be in ~/.maildir so update as required.

Change ownership of all email folders to "user":

chown user /home/*/Maildir -R

Add symbolic links for each Maildir to the user maildir (except account 'user')

cd /home
for i in * ;do if [$i != 'user'] ; then  ln -s /home/$i/Maildir /home/user/Maildir/.$i;fi;done

So if you had a user frank, with the following maildir:


It would be symlinked as a subfolder in the 'user' Maildir:


Make sure you understand the commands here before running them.

So all of franks email and subfolders would appear below it.


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n5yzvAuthor Commented:
Makes perfect sense.  I don't know why I didn't think about it!
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