keyboard control website


is it possible to do this in a website that has different users, for example  a website has 10 users and for each user if they hit the number one on the keyboard i want to give a different  link to open

I want to see if this can be done by any scripting ?

you can login here to see the website

You see the little printer icon on the middel i want the link of that its different  for evry user

Thank you
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I think this is not possible. Have you tried googling something with javascript or flash actionscript?
That kind of thing would require something to remember the user. This would probably be best done as a cookie (they would receive it upon logging in to the site, and then could use it regardless of being logged in), or as a Javascript call to an application server language (such as PHP) that would in turn query a database server (MySQL for instance).
Looking at the post above, Flash would be another good way to do it. You would still need a cookie or database though, but instead of Javascript, Flash would talk to PHP.
kensy11Author Commented:
Can i do it ? or shuld i be an expert on scripting
Since it's an eCommerce site (I think?...) you'll probably want to go with the database way. First of all, if you don't have it, you'll need a database server. Then you'll need to set up a database, configure a registration form on your site that collects all the necessary information, and a table in your database for all the information to be put into. You'll want to use an auto-incrementing userID as the link to each member's separate page (the auto-incrementing userID would be that the database server automatically assigns everyone who registers a number (the user ID) and it auto-increments so that everyone has different numbers (eg. first person would be 1, second person 2, and so on). The database coding for this wouldn't be too complicated, but the PHP coding for the form and the dynamic link from the printer picture would be difficult to do unless you know PHP or have Dreamweaver, and know how to use it (or a similar program).

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