How do I delete services on Win Server 2008 R2

Hello -

I did a couple of SQL Server installs on my new Win Server 08 R2 instance, that failed.  I've since uninstalled them and removed what I could find of them in the registry.  But they're still showing up as services in the services page.  How do I clean my system of everything?  I want it clean before I reinstall.
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JohnLoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why reinstall as a first option..... Just try the reboot.
If the standard un-install utility doesn't do the trick for some reason :-

Remove the <sql> directory and everything under it
Remove the <sql> dir from the path (use control panel/system for this)
Remove the SQL registry entries using regedt32/regedit. These are :-

(All versions)

(6.0 and above.)


(7.0 and above)

¦HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server 7
my personal advice format your server to neglect any future issues
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JT_SIROAuthor Commented:
Thanks JohnLo, I missed a few of those.  Do I need to reboot after changing the registry?  Because I still see those dead services on the services page.
yes reboot
JT_SIROAuthor Commented:
Do you mean to reinstall the whole Win Server o/s?  I'd really like to avoid that, but it may come to that.

Is there a registry cleaning utility that I may want to run?
thabashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sql server is not a joke, and seems u gonna use it in ur production enviornment u might receive instance problem with sql studio management in future. Just be careful
JT_SIROAuthor Commented:
I understand thabash.  It is of concern to me too.

The good news is that the services are gone after rebooting.  Thanks Johnlo.

I'll try to reinstall is see how SQL Server behaves.  Thanks -
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