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I'm trying to create a vb.net button that will redirect a user to another site while appending a query string based on user entries & that will do a post instead of a get. The page unfortunately is an aspx page that inherits 2 master pages, user controls, includes ajax, etc. so I can't just create a standard html page. Is there a way to do this?
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If you generating a query string on the end of the URL, why do you need to do a POST request? The easiest way is applying a onclick event to a button:

<asp:Button ID="btnDoIt" Text=" Go " runat="server" />


btnDoIt.Attributes.Add("onclick", "window.open('http://www.domain.com/page.aspx?id=123');")
robanddeannaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the tip but unfortunately I have already tried that & it does not work. The reason I want the button to do the post is because I have a hotel reservation form on our site that sends the URL & query string. If I do this in a standard (client side) html page, it works fine. However, if I do this in a server side aspx page, it does not. Instead it takes me to another reservation form that is hosted on the external site. I need to bypass the external reservation form & have it take me directly to the list of available hotel rooms & rates for the dates entered by the user.
mmmmm, I don't see any other way of doing this apart from used .net WebRequest, WebResponse classes and passing the POST via that. Here is a site for reference:


I'll see if I can find anything easier.

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robanddeannaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help - unfortunately, I will not have time to test or try this as it appears to be quite involved.  I appreciate your time.
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