RPC OWA broken after installing sharepoint on server 2003 standard


I have a server with rpc & owa.  Working fine for months.  

Installed sharepoint rpc is broken & not accessible form inside or outside the network.

Removing sharepoint fixes the problem.

Did the same thing over again same problem.

single nic
server 2003 standard fully patched
exchange 2003
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Shreedhar EtteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Do not change the port of the Default Web Site? Changes the port for the Sharepoint Web Site.

Default Web Site has to be run on the Default ports. If you change then problem will be faced in ActiveSync.

I hope this helps,

Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
You have to pick different ports for either sharepoint or owa.  Move the owa to 8080 and 4433.  The last entry in this question gives a step by step procedure to do so.

salliecookiesAuthor Commented:
under web sites
I have only default web site

sharepoint central administration

am i missing
microsoft sharepoint administration?

I don't want to break rpc so I'd like to change the ports for sharepoint web site port sharepoint central administration is running on is tcp 14059

please link an article to change the ports thanks
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salliecookiesAuthor Commented:
I ended up going into sharepoint central admin
removing the virtual directory which let's you pick the site i did the default website
rpc started working
now i'm extending the sharepoint site to a new virtual directory from within sharepoint central admin
Shreedhar EtteCommented:
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