WSS 3.0 Alerts Going to Random People

Hi Experts,

I have a WSS 3.0 server farm running the company's intranet system.  We've had it online for about 15 months now.  We created a bunch of "Forms" for our users, based simply on Lists.  For workflows, we decided it would be a good idea if the managers of those List areas (for example, myself for our Helpdesk) should receive alerts for events on that List.

The problem is, people who were never assigned List items, not a manager of that List area, and not the creator of the List item, are recieving alerts.  This is best explained by the attached (names edited to protect the guilty :-)

Looking at the image provided, I am one of the people listed in the "Assigned To" section, yet I have nothing to do with that particular item.  Clicking on the "Show My Alerts For This Site" link in the email shows that I have no alerts set up on that List. I DO have alerts set up on another list in my intranet, as do all the other users listed in the image.  I can't figure out why this would be happenning, much less how to stop it.

Any ideas?
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UmweltITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Never mind; I discovered the problem
UmweltITAuthor Commented:
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