Link a Heirachy in one cube to another cube in analysis Services

Maybe im missing something, but i cannot find how to link a heirachy from one cube to another cube for use in analysis.

Eg i have a time heirachy in one cube that i want to reuse in another cube, but cannot find how to do it.
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Megan BrooksConnect With a Mentor SQL Server ConsultantCommented:
You can link dimensions to cubes. Are you wanting to query two separate cubes together through a common dimension, or simply make use of the same dimension in more than one cube?
I don't think you can query more than one cube at a time other than by using the LookupCube function, although you can certainly query several measure groups at once within a single cube using common dimensions. You can duplicate part of the structure of one cube when you build another, in order to have all the measure groups you need in a single cube.
You can include the same dimension in any number of cubes, though. Create the dimension, add it to each cube as a cube dimension using the Cube Structure tab of the cube editor, and then check the relationships on the Dimension Usage tab of the cube editor and make any needed changes to what the editor came up with by default.
adammet04Author Commented:
Thankyou.. That gave me a valuable insight into how i should be creating my cubes .
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