Windows 2003 Server Event 244

After I restarted my Windows 2003 R2 Standard DC SP2

Added /3gb /pae options to my boot.ini

This message appeared

Type :            Warning
Date :            4/8/2010
Time :            5:39:17 PM
Event :            244
Source :            Win32k
Category :      None
User :            N/A
Computer :      TGCS001
Failed to create a desktop due to desktop heap exhaustion.

any ideas


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hwdinfotechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
“Failed to create a desktop due to desktop heap exhaustion.” is logged when the heap itself cannot be created. If a desktop heap cannot be created, then the entire desktop creation attempt fails. Usually a failure to create a new desktop heap means that session view space is exhausted for the session. You may be able to resolve this issue by increasing the size of session view space (using the SessionViewSize registry value) or by decreasing the third shared section value (assuming session view space is primarily used by non-interactive desktop heaps), to allow for more heaps to be created. Before making any changes, I suggest you use dheapmon to view desktop heap usage on your system shortly after you see the error. It helps to understand the usage of desktop heap before making changes. FYI, the desktop heap failure errors are only logged once per session to avoid a flood of events in the event log. So you may actually have more than one failure per session, but only one is logged. Desktop heap logging can be enabled or disabled with the DesktopHeapLogging registry value (see MS KB 810807).
Do you really need the /3GB switch on a DC?  Also, you may have a driver that won't function while in /3GB mode.
InserachofAuthor Commented:
Yes I run sql 2005 on that server and we have issues with memory from sql


All server functions are working just trying to find out what this message means
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Here, read this article when you have a moment.  It'll be better than me trying to explain it.

I've heard that there are alot of people with issues when using the /3GB switch on Windows 2003 R2 Standard DC SP2
InserachofAuthor Commented:
ok thanks for the info but that does not explain this error

I would like an explaination of this error

InserachofAuthor Commented:
the next time i restart the server i will check it out and then i will post info
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