Online restaurant order scheme

I'd like to implement a restaurant online ordering project as simply as possible. My thought is to have each item on the menu call a jQuery function designed just for that item.  The function will plug the correct name of the item into a new cookie and put up a mini-form that will let the user select dressing, etc.This information will be added to the cookie for this item, along with a text field where the user can enter special instructions. After all the items have been ordered and the user clicks submit, all the cookies are dumped into a large text field of the form and sent to the server.

The server will email the text form data, as is, to a fax service, which will fax it to the restaurant.

The part that I'm concerned with (there may be other parts that I should be concerned about  but don't know it yet)  is the mini-form that each items jQuery function  puts up to get specific information about the item. Can I put up something with check boxes, drop-down menus,  and a text field that the jQuery code can read directly and add to the item's cookie, without going through a whole submit thing to the server?

Thanks for any ideas

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Yes, you can use simple modal windows to show the users and add them to cookies. Finally send them to the server using a textbox.
stevaAuthor Commented:
A "modal" window to me means a window that keeps the focus until it closes.  It seems that  just a popup window would work here.  But I haven't found any code where someone opens a new popup window, populates it with  dropdown menus and check boxes, and uses  the data placed in those inputs in the main window. The popup windows I've seen so far just have some text to explain a field in a form on the main window.

Sorry, am not clear with your question.

For cookies with JQuery, please try the below link:

If you are concerned with the parent-child window handling, please try the link below:

If this does'nt help you, please explain your question much clearly.

Please Revert.

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stevaAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  That's what I was looking for.  I gave you the points.
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