CreateUserWizard design logic

Please help with the following:
1) Change header "Sign Up for Your New Account" to "Create New Account"(see attached pic1)
2) Add "Cancel" button to abort (see attached pic1)
3) Rollback the whole process if toward the end user fails to select a role from a listbox (see attached pic2)

Thanks for your help.
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robastaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1 and 2:

<asp:CreateUserWizard ID="CreateUserWizard1" runat="server" DisplayCancelButton="true" CancelButtonText="Abort" CancelButtonType="Button" CancelDestinationPageUrl="~/registration-cancelled.aspx">
            <asp:CreateUserWizardStep ID="CreateUserWizardStep1" runat="server" Title="Experts Exchange SignUp">

For 3, The Abort Button should do the Trick.

robastaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
3. Add this event Handler

 protected void CreateUserWizard1_FinishButtonClick(object sender, WizardNavigationEventArgs e)
            if (role == null)
                e.Cancel = true;


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