Coldfusion 8 and Microsoft Exchange Integration - Issue accessing the Sent Items folder.

I'm having trouble reading items from the sent items folder of my MS Exchange server using the <CFEXCHANGEMAIL> tag. I can read mail items from other folders at the same level in the exchange store such as "Junk E-Mail" and "Deleted Items" but when I provide a folder name of "Sent Items" I get the following error:

"The system has attempted to use an undefined value, which usually indicates a programming error, either in your code or some system code."

Is this a known bug? If the sent items folder was excluded from locations that could be accessed by the CFEXCHANGEMAIL tag I can't find mention of that limitation in Adobe's documentation.

Any Ideas? Has anyone accessed the Sent Items folder? Did you have to do anything special?
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Greg_JohnsonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion ThutM0se. I did <cfdump> my output. If the folder name "sent items" is used the error is thrown before any output is generated.

I believe that ColdFusion restricts access to the sent items folder. I'm not sure exactly why they do it but there is no difference in syntax between the sent folder and others at the same level in the folder structure.

Ultimately I worked around this by creating a Linked Server on my SQL Server box that connects to the Exchange store.
Can we see your code?
Use <cfdump> to dump out the contents of the variable rather than throwing an error and compare the output of a working folder. Should help you identify differences in the responses.
That's interesting. Our exchange servers are locked down here or else i'd try to replicate it with you. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Good to hear you were at least able to find a work around.
Greg_JohnsonAuthor Commented:
I hope they fix this in CF9.
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